IMEKO TC3, TC5 and TC22 International Conference 2017

Helsinki, FINLAND

May 30, 2017 – June 1, 2017

Finnish Society of Automation has a great pleasure and honour to invite all the experts of all these committees to join the IMEKO TC3, TC5, TC22 Joint Conference.
The  presentations  of  conferences  have  always  comprehensively dealed with the latest development of measurement. In addition to  technical  and  poster  sessions,  appointments  with  colleagues have  a  significant  value.  We  will  do  our  very  best  making  this happen again!

Some important dates:

Extended abstract submission:15th December 2016 -> 31st December 2016
Notification on acceptance:15th February 2017 -> 1st March 2017
Final paper submission:30th March 2017
Early bird registration:1st January - 31st March 2017
Normal registration:1st April - 29th May 2017
On-site registration:30th May - 1st June 2017


General topics

  • General metrology
  • Industrial metrology
  • Measurement uncertainty
  • Written standards
  • Traceability
  • Quality system and metrology
  • Terminology
  • International cooperation
  • Dynamic measurements
  • Education

Topics TC3
- Mass:

  • Mass standards and balances
  • New concepts in mass metrology
  • Redefinition of the mass unit
  • Density metrology for mass standards
  • Weighing instruments and load cells

- Force

  • Force standards
  • Force metrology
  • Force transducers
  • Force measurement in applications
  • Material testing machines

- Torque

  • Torque standards
  • Torque metrology
  • Torque transducers
  • Multicomponent torque measurement
  • Torque measurement in applications

- Dynamic measurements of mass, force and torque

  • Dynamic measurement of mass
  • Dynamic force and torque measurement

Topics TC5

  • Hardness measurement
  • Rockwell hardness scale
  • Brinell hardness scale
  • Vickers hardness scale
  • Leeb hardness scale
  • Instrumented indentation test
  • Hardness reference blocks
  • Hardness indenters
  • Hardness comparisons
  • New definitions for hardness scales
  • Traceability

Topics TC22

  • Precision measurement
  • Vibration sensors, vibration measuring devices
  • Single and multi-axial vibration
  • Instrumentation for vibration measurement
  • Signal processing methods
  • Calibration, calibration systems
  • Uncertainty of measurement
  • Written standards and regulations
  • Metrological aspects of applications
  • Dynamics of interacting systems
  • Dynamics of acceleration related quantities
  • Scientific and technical issues of intercomparisons
  • Promotion of technical cooperation

The conference venue is Hotel Rantapuisto Helsinki, Furuborginkatu 3 (former address: Ramsinniementie 16), 00980 Helsinki, FINLAND.
Download information about Finland and Helsinki as well as Travelling instructions.



Preliminary detailed program available

The preliminary detailed program of the conference with sessions and presentations is now available: » Program  
Posted: 2017-04-24

Preliminary program available

The preliminary program of the conference is now available: » Program  
Posted: 2017-02-21

Registration and fee payment are now possible

Please go to Conference Information | Registration and follow the instructions to register and see the payment details. If you are already registered with the conference website then you can use this link  
Posted: 2017-02-03
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(C) The IMEKO TC3, TC5, TC22 Joint Conference in Helsinki 30.5.-1.6.2017 — Measurement facing new challenges!