IMEKO TC3, TC5, TC16 and TC22 International Conference 2020

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IMEKO TC3, TC5, TC16 and TC22 International Conference 2020

Cavtat-Dubrovnik, CROATIA

Frankopanska ul.
20210 Cavtat

Telefon: +385 20 300 300

Cavtat-Dubrovnik, HR

November 16, 2020 – November 18, 2020

1. General information

The Joint IMEKO TC3, T5, TC16 and TC22 International Conference will take place in Cavtat-Dubrovnik, Croatia.

Due to the spread of the corona virus, the conference was postponed.

Due to the current situation with the corona virus, the conference was postponed again.
The new date will be 11 - 13 October 2022 (in 2021 there will be the IMEKO World Congress).

Authors will get the possibility to publish their papers in Acta IMEKO or at another conference.
Details can be found in the letter to authors (click to download).

2. Call for papers

The Call for Papers can be downloaded as PDF.
It contains information about

  • the venue
  • the conference topics
  • the submission and publication policy
  • all dates and fees
  • registration and hotel booking
  • as well as information for exhibitors and sponsors.

3. Conference Organizers

View the organizing team on the About: Organizing Team page.

4. Important dates

  • February 15 (January 15), 2020: Extended Abstracts (up to 2 pages) due date
  • February 29 (January 31), 2020: Notification of Extended Abstract acceptance
  • May 31, 2020: Extended Additional Abstracts (up to 2 pages) due date
  • June 15, 2020: Notification of Extended Additional Abstract acceptance
  • June 30 (April 30), 2020:  Full papers due date
  • August 31 (October 31), 2020: End of peer-review and publication
  • October 31 , 2020: Final submission of revised version
  • November 15 , 2020:Publication
There will be no Book of Abstracts, i.e. the extended abstracts will not be published, only the full refereed and revised papers.
  • September 30 (March 31), 2020: End of Early registration (Early fee)
  • October 31 (May 5), 2020: End of Regular registration (Late fee)
  • November 15 (After May 5), 2020: Registration at the desk

5. Topics and Plenary Lectures

The topics of the conference can be found on the Overview page.
Details about the Plenary Lectures are available from the Conference Program page.

6. National Organizing Committee

  • Prof. dr. Davor Zvizdic, Chair
  • Prof. dr. Lovorka Grgec Bermanec, Chair
  • Prof. dr. Zeljko Alar, Chair
  • Dr. Danijel Sestan, Member
  • Ivan Matas, M.Eng.ME, Member
  • Alen Jurisinac, dipl. teh., Member
  • (List is not final.)

7. International Programme Committee (to be updated)


  • Mr. Andy Knott, TC3 Chairperson, United Kingdom
  • Dr. Renato Reis Machado, TC5 Chairperson, Brazil
  • Dr. Jay H. Hendricks, TC16 Chairperson, USA
  • Dr. Gustavo Ripper, TC22 Chairperson, Brazil


  • Dr. Dirk Röske, TC3 Vice Chairperson, Germany
  • Dr. Koji Ogushi,TC3 Scientific Secretary, Japan
  • Prof.dr. Zeljko Alar, TC3 member, NOC chair, Croatia
  • Mr. Boris Katz, TC3 member, Israel
  • Mr. Zoltan Zelenka, TC3 member, Hungary
  • Dr. Ako Chijioke, TC3 member, USA
  • Dr. Miha Hiti, TC3 member, Slovenia
  • Dr. Min-Seok Kim, TC3 member, Republic of Korea
  • Dr. Rolf Kumme, CCM WGFT Chairperson and TC3 member, Germany
  • Dr. Nieves Medina Martin, TC3 member, Spain
  • Dr. Rafael Oliveira, TC3 member, Brazil
  • Dr. Dan Stefanescu, TC3 member, Romania
  • Dr. Michael Stock, TC3 member, BIPM
  • Dr. Jaroslav Zůda, TC3 member, Czech Republic
  • Mr. Mikolaj Wozniak, TC3 member, Sweden
  • Mr. Alexander Tsiporenko, TC3 member, Ukraine
  • Mr. Nattapon Saenkhum, TC3 member, Thailand
  • Takanori Yamazaki, TC3 member, Japan
  • Dr. Carlo Ferrero, TC3 member, Italy
  • Christian Villarroel Poblete, TC3 member, Chile
  • Dr. Tassanai Sanponpute, TC3 and TC5 member, Thailand
  • Alessandro Germak, TC3 and TC5 member, Italy
  • Dr. Alaa Eltawil, TC3 and TC16 member, Egypt
  • Dr. Jorge Torres Guzmán, TC3 and TC16 member, Mexico
  • Andrey Eduardovitch Aslanyan, TC5 Vice Chairperson, Russia
  • Febo Menelao, TC5 Technical Secretary, Germany
  • Koichiro Hattori, TC5 member, Japan
  • Dr. Dominik Pražák, TC16 Vice Chairperson, Czech Republic
  • Dr. In-Mook Choi, TC16 Scientific Secretary, Republic of Korea
  • Dr. Tokihiko Kobata, TC16 member, Japan
  • Prof.dr.Davor Zvizdic, TC16 member, NOC Chair, Croatia
  • Prof.dr.Lovorka Grgec Bermanec, TC16 member, NOC Chair, Croatia
  • Dr. Akihiro Oota, TC22 Deputy Chairperson, Japan
  • Dr. Michael Gaitan, TC22 Scientific Secretary, USA
  • Dr. Thomas Bruns, TC22 member, Germany
  • Mr. Christiaan S. Veldman, TC22 member, South Africa
  • Dr. Stuart Davidson, CCM WGM Chairperson, United Kingdom
  • (List is not final.)

8. Exhibitors

Potential exhibitors may introduce themselves and their products to all participants of the Conference.
Details are given in the Exhibitor Registration Form. Please replace "_Name_" in the file name of the PDF with your company name when submitting the form by e-mail.

For additional marketing possibilities such as Conference bag sponsorship, bag item sponsorship, coffee break sponsorship, Reception sponsorship, Gala Dinner sponsorship, or Excursion dinner sponsorship, please make a direct inquiry to .

Exhibitors registered at the Conference:


9. Submission and Publication

Please prepare first an abstract (1 to 2 pages). Use the template provided at:
Download link: Extended Abstract Template
Send the abstract to the organisers and indicate one of the four TCs (TC3, TC5, TC16 or TC22) the abstract belongs to or choose "General" according to the Topics in Overview.
On the basis of the submissions, suitable abstracts will be selecteded and their author(s) will be invited to prepare a full paper.

If your abstract was selected, then please prepare the full paper (up to 6 pages). Use the template provided at:
Download link: Full Paper Template
Submit the paper to this web portal on the Online Submissions page.
Please note: For the submission, a registration with this site and a login are necessary.

All papers will be reviewed and the authors will get the possibility to apply minor changes and improvements.
All papers that passed the final review will be published in the proceedings repository of IMEKO.

10. Registration and Hotel booking

Update April 2020: Already made hotel reservations have been canceled.
There have been no payments, only on-line reservations guaranteed by credit cards - but none of the credit cards have been charged at all.
All participants will have to make a new hotel reservation for the postponed conference using exactly the same the same channel (which is not open yet).

Attendees should use the conference participant's Registration Form. Please replace "_Name_" in the file name of the PDF with your full name when submitting the form by e-mail.

The Conference, Exhibition, Reception and Gala Dinner will be held at the Hotel CROATIA Cavtat. Hotel rooms are pre-blocked for the Conference under favorable conditions:
-    Single room with buffet breakfast: 125 EUR
-    Double room with buffet breakfast 150 EUR i.e. 75 EUR per person per day (VAT included).
Dubrovnik is a highly frequented tourist area, so please book your accommodation early.

Step 1: Go to
Step 2: Once "Hotel Croatia" page opens, click "Book your stay"
Step 3: At the next following window that opens fill out the exact days of your stay and under the "Promo code" window type: IMEKO2020
Step 4: Press again "Book your stay"
Step 5: Finish your reservation by choosing your room and fill-out the other reservation details requested
Read carefully "Terms & conditions" to get the information about the cancellation policy.

11. Sponsors

Potential sponsors might take the opportunity to increasing their credibility, image, and prestige in sponsoring IMEKO 24th TC3, 14th TC5, 6th TC16 and 5th TC22 International Conference as Golden, Silver or Bronze Sponsors. Sponsorship might include: Conference Reception, Gala Dinner, Excursion Dinner, Conference bag, Conference bag contents, Book of Abstracts with Technical Program, advertisements on its inner or Inside Front, Inside Back or Back Cover pages; projections on conference screens between sessions and other opportunities to increase impact on primary target audiences.

For more detailed information, please contact us directly at

12. Venue

Cavtat near Dubrovnik, Hotel CROATIA, Croatia

For more detailed information, please download our 9-pages introduction to Dubrovnik and Cavtat.

13. Contact

Conference E-mail:
Please find further information on the Conference Contact page.

14. Program

Please read about the Plenary Lectures on the Conference Program page.

February 29

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(C) The IMEKO TC3, TC5, TC16, TC22 Joint Conference in Cavtat-Dubrovnik, Croatia, 16 - 18 November 2020