Oct 11 – 13, 2022
Cavtat, Dubrovnik
Europe/Zagreb timezone

Submission hints

Submissions are arranged in a two-step process.
1. Submit the extended abstract. This is for selecting submissions for the conference.
2. Submit a full paper for an accepted abstract. This is for the peer-review and the layout.

1. For the abstract submission, please use the 'Submit new abstract' button which is visible while the abstract submission is open:

To update your submitted abstract, please log in and open your submissions using the menu 'My Conference | My Contributions':

Click the title of the submission. Scroll down if necessary and near 'Presentation materials'

click the pencil icon

In 'Add materials to the contribution'

click the 'Upload files' button:

Make sure the file has the words 'Full paper' in its title.
Drag the file to the box or choose it from your computer.
Click the 'Upload' button.

In the case of a mistake the file can be renamed or removed later.

2. For the full-paper submission, please log in and open the 'Paper Peer Reviewing' menu.
Submit a full paper using the blue 'Submit paper' button. You have to 'Select a contribution for which you wish to submit a paper' from your previoulsy submitted and accepted abstract/s. Click the submission title. Then drag the file to the box or choose it from your computer. Save the file.

In the case of a mistake the responsible editor should be contacted . He/she can make the decision ('judge') to resubmit a revised version. This openes the way for the submitter to upload the corrected version for the paper review. Alternatively, the responsible person can upload the revised paper.