Oct 16 – 19, 2022
Europe/Zagreb timezone

Laura Martin

EUROLAB Presentation by Laura Martin, EUROLAB Secretary General

EUROLAB: Developing an international cooperation.

The Lab of the Future towards better efficiency and traceability



As the European Federation of National Associations of Measurement, Testing and Analytical Laboratories, EUROLAB gathers 25 national associations all over Europe and beyond. One of its main goals is to cooperate with European and international stakeholders to represent the interests of the Members and raise visibility within laboratory communities, as well as to the external public on the added value and importance of testing for their safety.

The first part of the presentation will be an introduction of EUROLAB, its added value for the members, including publications and technical reports, as the Cook Books, webinars and events on topics of interest for the laboratory community, and, in particular, insights regarding cooperation activities and strategies with EU institutions and international stakeholders, focusing on key organisations as TIC Council, EURAMET, IMEKO and Eurachem, including the new partners My Green Lab and the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA).

The second part will present an overview of EUROLAB’s activities related to “The Laboratory of the Future”, one of the key priority areas of focus for 2022. In this field, EUROLAB is developing many initiatives, publications, and events, including the possible application for EU funded programs. The topic implies key elements as Digitalisation/ Robotisation, Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity, Remote testing, Blockchain, Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)/ Big Data.

Finally, relevant topics for the Conference will be touched upon, such as traceability, chemical testing, and validity of test reports, in relation with EUROLAB projects and activities. We will explore the ECVET-Lab project for the training of Environmental Testing Laboratories staff, and our cooperation with ECHA. The presentation will then conclude with some main remarks from two publications of our Technical Committee for Quality Assurance in Testing and Calibration (TCQA), the Cook Books on validation of tests and calibration methods, and on the key activities to ensure the validity of test results.



About the speaker:

Laura Martin, EUROLAB Secretary General

Laura Martin has been elected as EUROLAB Secretary General during the EUROLAB General Assembly 2022. Previously to this position, she has undergone various responsibilities, taking the first role in EUROLAB back in September 2013. Before, she has worked for DG CONNECT at the European Commission, as well as for other international organisations based in Brussels.

She holds a diploma in Journalism, a master’s degree in Communications Studies, and a bachelor’s in Modern Languages and Translation.